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NOODLEHEAD Flexible Lawn & Garden Sprinkler


"We are using your unique, unusual Noodlehead sprinkler system throughout the gardens of my Caribbean home on Antigua. The gardeners love the Noodlehead because they can aim the water exactly where they want it to go. And water can't be wasted in the islands of paradise, so this is the perfect system for us. Everybody loves the Noodlehead. Champagne wishes and Noodlehead Dreams!"
ROBIN LEACH - "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"

"My Noodlehead arrived today. I just tried it out and it's great! I already showed it to a few neighbors and now I'm the envy of the neighborhood with this neat sprinkler. I'll be ordering a couple more Noodleheads for my summer vacation home. I already have the spots picked out where I'll be using them. My complements on a great design and a nice product"
MERYL MILLER - Mechanical Engineer and avid gardener.


  • Featured product in Sunset Magazine, October 2006
  • Voted "Best Invention of the Year" at the international Invention Convention! (out of 200 competing inventions).
  • "Best New Product of the Year" at the international Hardware Show? (Out of 700 competing new products)
  • "Best of Show" award at the Canadian Hardware Show!
  • Green Thumb Award from Gardener's Journal for water conservation

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"I like WATERWORKS in my bulb crops, lilies, tulips, and hyacinths, more for the air spaces it creates around the roots than for its water holding capabilities. ."
Ashley Smith, Ulery's Greenhouse, Springfield, OH

"Last year at this time I had 4-5 people doing the watering, now only 2 people. We lave a larger root system and more uniformity. The end result--more salable plants."
Straders Farm Market, Powell, OH

"We sure like it in our Lilies. They had great root systems."
Dixie Green Greenhouses, Centre, AL

"Watered our control marigold flats 23 times, the WATERWORKS flats only 9 times. The WATERWORKS flats of marigolds were bigger and better than the control."
Bob's Market, Mason, WV

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