Do I need an account and how does it work?

Shopping at The Lily Pad is easy for a first-time user or a veteran shopper.

NO. You do not need to setup an account to browse through our beautiful listings. Just add items to your cart that you want to purchase. When you are ready to checkout you will be asked for your information to complete the ordering process and your cart items will be transferred automatically to your new account.

YES. You will need to establish an account to complete the ordering process. This process is simple and no more difficult than any other ordering site. Plus you only have to enter your shipping and billing information once. Credit card information is not kept as part of your account and will need to be entered again at checkout for future orders.

Having an account will allow you to check order status, view previous orders, and sign up for our newsletter and mailing list. An account also lets you shop and put items in your shopping cart that will stay until you delete them or complete the ordering process.

How to order with The Lily Pad on-line

The Lily Pad endeavors to bring beautiful lilies to as many people as possible. Through E-commerce we now offer our beautiful products both locally and nationally 24 hours-a-day.

Simple shopping cart features and our easy checkout will speed delivery along to you. Our on-line ordering process will ensure the safety and privacy of your ordering information via our secure server. For more information on how to order please see the information below.

Note: We are unable to ship to Hawaii or anyplace else outside the Continental United States because of strict regulations on agricultural products, and high cost of special inspection.

Shop SMART!   Shop The Lily Pad On-line!

How to order on-line
Now it only takes five easy steps to deliver our beautiful lilies to your front door.

Selecting Products

  1. Browse our on-line products catalog to view exquisite photographs and detailed descriptions of our lilies. Visitors and Account holders can view and put products in their cart. You will need an account to purchase or sign up for other special features The Lily Pad offers.
  2. When you see a product you would like in your garden. Simply add it to your shopping cart by clicking the "ADD TO CART" button. You can view your shopping cart to add/subtract items at anytime. A running total of the number of items in your cart and your current total (excluding shipping and tax) is available in the top right under the search box.
  3. When you are done shopping, view your shopping cart to check which items you are buying and your total costs (you may add/subtract items from the shopping cart at anytime.) When you are satisfied with your order, go to the checkout.

Remember, ALL transactions are done through our secure server for your security.


  1. You will need to register for an account or login to an existing account. Don't worry if you don't have an account yet, your visitor's cart will be merged into your account upon activation or login.
  2. Once your information is entered you will be asked for your payment information.
  3. Shipping and Tax are calculated based upon your state location. Currently only Washington state residents are charged tax. You can find shipping information here.
  4. If your product subtotal (not counting tax and shipping) qualifies for the bonus free bulb offer, you may choose from varieties listed and indicate choices in the “Comments” field of your online order form. Make sure you also add the FREE Bulb Product for the desired bulb amount under Specials.

Payment Methods

  1. We accept 2 types of payment: Credit Card and Check/Money Order

    Credit Card
    We only accept VISA, MasterCard and Discover . Select Credit Card as your preferred method of payment and enter your information.

    NOTE: For credit card users, we do not charge your card until shipping time, but we do RESERVE YOUR BULBS. Please make sure the credit card you submit in the ordering process will not EXPIRE prior to shipping. This can cause delay in shipping.

    Check/Money Order
    Select Check/Money Order as your preferred method of payment. The Order Confirmation page will give you the address to which you need to ship your payment. Please include an printed copy of your order along with your check.

Order Confirmation

  1. You will receive a confirmation of your order via your e-mail address. If you do NOT receive the e-mail confirmation within 24 hours after placing an online order, it is possible your order did not transmit. Please email us if our confirmation email fails to reach you.

Product Shipment
Products may not ship as soon as you order them. Growing seasons determine shipping times. Please check your order confirmation to know when products are shipped.

Would you like to modify your order?

Even after submitting an online order, it is very easy to add or change it by calling or emailing us before shipping time. We can always over-ride online business in our office accounting. All we need is your name to make the changes you need.

Additional Ordering Methods

Please remember that payment must be received before any products are shipped. For your benefit we suggest using the on-line ordering catalog to fill out your order then print it BEFORE the final submittal process and send it to us using one of the methods listed below.

You can use this printed form to FAX, or as a reference for ordering when you Phone in your order.

Please choose which method you wish to order by, then follow the instructions listed.
Phone or FAX
To order your lilies via fax or phone please call us at the numbers below. Please have all your ordering information ready when you call. You may use the on-line ordering system to complete your order including shipping and tax, then print out the order information. (Please note that we are on Pacific Standard Time)

ORDER LINE: 1-800-484-5894 (then dial security code 9040 at the prompt). Our voicemail is secure and safe for leaving credit card information in case we are not able to answer directly.

Fax: (360) 866-1728

NOTE: For credit card users, we do not charge your card until shipping time, but we do RESERVE YOUR BULBS. Please make sure the credit card you submit in the ordering process will not EXPIRE prior to shipping. This can cause delay in shipping.