Orienpet (O.T.)

You may see Orienpet Lilies marketed under the name Lily Trees®. Somewhat of a misnomer, these tall-growing upright and very large stalks are actually herbaceous (not woody) and will die back at the end of each season. The word "tree" does indeed describe their height and girth!. We offer much larger bulbs than most other vendors for much lower price. Lily Tree® is registered trademark of Gurney's Seed and Nursery.

This fascinating group of lilies is derived from crossing Trumpet types with Oriental types. This breeding is very involved and technical, so these cultivars have taken a long time to find their way into commercial distribution.

Once listed in the $50 and up range, many are now affordable, in the $9 and under range. The benefits that O.T. lilies bring to our gardens are greater hardiness in harsh growing conditions, better disease-resistance, earlier bloom time (compared to the typical Oriental season), new and unique colors and color patterns, unique fragrance, and greater enduring characteristics, making them suitable for low-maintenance "naturalizing" in the garden. Furthermore, the flowers (many of them polyploid) have incredibly thick waxy texture, making them very durable and long-standing in the garden and in the vase.

We do our best to stay at the cutting edge of new cultivar introduction as they become available. Most of the items on our website have been grown and tested in our field, however we always try to offer our customers something brand new, straight from the breeders. We welcome your comments on these new lilies in order to better evaluate them for continuation in our program. Our standard bulb circumference is 18/20 cm, unless otherwise specified. This will produce a nice blooming stem the first year, with at least 5 flowers. Recommended for USDA zones 4-9.