Bush Peonies Herbaceous

Despite their exotic appearance, peonies are very tough, undemanding, long-living perennials. They will flourish easily where Winters are reasonably cold and where Summer does not come too early or suddenly. The cold shock is a necessary element in reinitiating the blooming cycle every year. Extreme hot spells in May and June can cause peonies to get "stuck" in the bud stage. Most regions of the Northern U.S. have ideal climate for peonies.

Generally we ship 3-5 eye root divisions, capable of blooming the SECOND Summer from Spring planting. Some "experts" discourage Spring planting, but we have always been very successful, as long as planting is done early enough so that the ground is still cool and moist. It may seem that peonies take a long time to fully establish, however the payoff is that they live for decades, even generations, with little care, once established. Patience is always rewarded when it comes to peonies. Always plant roots shallow for optimal blooms.

Our repertoire includes both double types and "Japanese" types, which are semi-double, with fluffy contrasting centers. We recommend the less-double types for warmer regions, because the buds will open more reliably. Great for cut flowers. Zones 3-8 ( zone 9 for certain varieties).