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"Bulb-Zilla" Lily Bulbs Availability

The Lily Pad is perhaps best known for its monster-sized lily bulbs - what we have coined "Bulb-Zillas." These are exceptionally large lily bulbs, in the range of 22+ cm, which yield more flowers their first year, and of course grow larger each subsequent year. 

Because of unusally high summer temperatures over the last several years, it is becoming exceedingly more difficult for bulbs to size up to our Bulb-Zilla standards. We have received some disappointment from our customers (not to mention our own disappointment) that the size of our bulbs are just not quite as large as they used to be. We regret to say that this seems to be a trend due to the changing weather - exceptionally hot summer temperatures do not allow our bulbs to size up in the ground.

With that said, we are pleased to be able to offer some varieties of Extra-Large size lily bulbs in 2020. These are in the range of 20-22 cm, which is far larger than some of our competition, but still does not quite meet our 22+cm standard of "Bulb-Zilla." We believe you will still be quite pleased with the size of these bulbs, however! Below is a list of the Extra Large size bulbs we will have in stock for 2020. Please check back here as we begin to dig up our bulbs in November/December for an updated list. Thank you for your support!


Extra Large Size-Grade Availbility:

Conca d'Or O.T. Lily

Black Beauty O.T. Lily

Golden Splendor Trumpet Lily

Zelmira O.T. Lily

Robina O.T. Lily (Choose 20-22cm size grade)



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