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Covid-19 Business Update

We, like the millions of our fellow gardeners, customers, friends, and family have been heavily affected by Covid-19. As a small family-run business, we strongly rely on our in-person interactions with our customers, new and old, as we travel around the PNW to flower and garden shows. All of the remaining shows we planned on attending this Spring have been cancelled or postponed, putting us in a very unique situation that we have never experienced in all 35 years of operation of The Lily Pad.

As we navigate this new "normal" of the stay-at-home order, we have committed to providing our loyal customers with our products solely through online sales and correspondence. Although we can't see you in person, we are dedicated to helping you through this challenging time by answering all your questions and concerns, or just chatting about gardening in the same way we would at our garden events. We will be available through email, phone, and social media outlets as much as we can. We have seen an incredible amount of support from people taking to the internet to beautify their gardens, and recommending us to friends and family along the way. We want to say THANK YOU to all of your continued support throughout this time!

That being said, we are taking extreme precautions when packaging shipping boxes in order to promote health and safety. We always wear gloves and masks when handling our product, and sanitize our work space as much as possible. Once we ship the box, however, we cannot guarantee how your package will be handled en route to you, so please use precaution when opening (sanitize the box, wash your hands, etc.). We have also discontinued our pick-up options for local customers in order to comply with safe social distancing practices.

This has taken a toll on all of us, and we want to show our appreciation for all of you, as well as inspire you to get outdoors during this time. Everything else may be cancelled, but Spring is not after all, and it is still a great time to plant everything that we have in stock on our website! We have some great sales and promotions:

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Once again, thank you for sticking with us, and adapting to this strange time. We couldn't continue this business without you, and for that we are immensely grateful. We want to remind you to get outdoors, spend time with the flowers, soak up the rain and sun, and breathe as we get through this!

Stay safe and healthy,

Abigail and Gabrielle
The Lily Pad

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