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Poppies- A magical addition to the spring garden

There is something truly mystical about the Oriental Poppy. It adds that extra flair of magic to an early spring garden that few gardeners can pass by without appreciating its papery delicacy. The poppy is an ancient flowering plant, long desired by gardeners and landscapers. Poppies are simple and rewarding, producing a bounty of beautiful and enchanting flowers that will return year after year.

Perhaps its a nostalgia from popular culture, but we can't get enough of them, and we want to spread their wondrous joy with you! 

Poppies are more commonly planted as seed, but we offer them as bare roots, with nice healthy, living stalks ready to be planted for spring bloom! These are cool-season, perennial plants that will provide years of spring color. Once established, poppies are exceptionally easy to grow and require little attention,  tolerating drought conditions in the summer, and cold, wet winters.

We offer a variety of unique, hard-to-find cultivars of bare root poppies. You won't find some of these varieties at this price anywhere else! Check out our poppy collection and get started on your very own enchanting poppy garden - we guarantee you won't regret it.





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