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Based in Olympia, Washington since 1985- serving the 49 continental United States, including Alaska. We supply BIG, healthy productive bulbs, garden-tested for outdoor growing in temperate regions, USDA zones 4-9, with a definite change of season

Our Spring 2017 shipping season has come to an end and we are temporarily closing our office for the month of June.  We will be working to update the product line for shipping Fall 2017.  Please visit here again mid-July for updated product list for this Fall, including Lilies, Daylilies and Peonies. 


Orders placed from this listing will be fulfilled beginning March 2017.  You may request a later delivery time (not past April 15) by inserting a note in the “comments” field of your online order form.  

ORDER NOW to reserve your bulbs.  We recommend prompt planting to avoid deterioration and over-sprouting.  Bulbs should be kept in cold storage above freezing if a planting delay is necessary. Leave bulbs in their packaging during storage to prevent dehydration and condensation.

We typically don’t hold orders past April 15.  Orders placed after that time will be accepted as long as stock remains and quality holds  

MOST OF OUR PLANTS AND BULBS ARE GROWN DOMESTICALLY IN THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST.  Each Spring we import and introduce a few new varieties, including patented items from Holland to keep our selections fresh and exciting each year.  You may be assured of top quality due to our USDA’s strict standards for imported plant material.  We honor patent rights and do not ourselves propagate from patented stock.

PLANT YOUR BULBS AND PERENNIALS AS SOON AS THEY ARE RECEIVED, regardless of shipping time, to receive benefit of our quality and performance guarantee.  Seriously delayed planting invalidates this guarantee.  All our stock is perennial and hardy down to at least zone 5 (USDA), meaning there is no need to dig and store over the Winter, once planted.

LILY BULBS TYPICALLY BLOOM THEIR FIRST SEASON, but we do not guarantee it.  The Martagon lilies sometimes wait until their second year to emerge. Certain other perennials cannot be expected to bloom optimally until their second year.  

BULB-ZILLA SIZED BULBS:  This is our trademarked term for bulbs measuring over 24 centimeters circumference, which is at least two size grades larger than typical commercial bulbs.  These are capable of producing larger, taller, thicker, and more productive stems their very first year. (Flower size is not affected by bulbs size, just quantity of flowers.)  Bulb-Zilla quantities are limited and items will be removed from the website once sold out.  

PHONE ORDERS WELCOME: (360) 866-0291
PICK-UP ORDERS: By special arrangement only. We do not have a “store”

Bonus Bulb Offer

Bonus Bulb Offer available on qualified orders

For every $50 purchased we will automatically include a free gift bulb (packaged and labeled) from our regular inventory of premium top-sized varieties (values ranging from $2.99 to $4.00). See complete offer details »

Our Size Grades

We specify for each product the bulb size or grade. That is more than some companies will venture to do, thus you are assured of getting the size (or larger) that you ordered. Lily bulbs are measured by their circumference, ie: a 18/20cm. bulb would measure 18 to 20 centimeters around. Daylily roots are measured in number of "fans" and Peony roots in number of eyes. The more eyes or fans, the bigger the roots. For tree peonies, we use age as the size grade, ie: one-year, two-year, three-year, and so forth.

In general the bigger or older the size grade the more readily the plants get established and the sooner and more heavily they bloom.


Pricing on our website is per plant or bulb. Whenever supply permits, we also list 3-pack pricing and in some cases 10-pack pricing. We cannot mix or split our multi-packs for this pricing. Many bulk offers and combos can be found on our web site. Contact us for quotes on larger quantities.

When are credit cards processed?

Credit cards will be processed prior to shipping time (soon after your order is submitted) to reserve your bulbs and avoid last minute processing delays. All online orders are immediately followed by automatic email confirmation. If you do not receive this, please contact us to verify the status of your order.

To change your order

If you wish to add to an existing order, there is no need to submit another order. Simply email us and request the items you want to add to your prior order. We will re-caculate charges. Usually this saves you money in the final analysis. If you wish to diminish your order or cancel the order, you will be responsible for any processing fees incurred to reverse the transaction. That is usually a nominal ammount. Please give us ample notice if you wish to cancel.

Jan D.
The Lily Pad

Sorry we do not ship outside the U.S. or to Hawaii due to agricultural restrictions.