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Fall Decorations From Your Garden!

Autumn brings about a bounty of those classic orange, round squash that we all know and love: pumpkins. The pumpkin is the hallmark of Fall, their orange color blending in with the changing leaf colors, accompanying black cats and trick-or-treaters on Halloween, and offering delicious tasty pies and desserts for Thanksgiving. And what's more, they are extremely versatile! What better way to celebrate Fall than to use pumpkins to decorate your table?

The pumpkin centerpiece is very simple, absolutely stunning, and so festive! Best yet, it is doable within an hour and it is such a fun DIY for the family!


Materials needed:

  • 1 pumpkin: orange or white
  • 1 vase or container small enough to fit inside the pumpkin (optional)
  • Decorations: you can use flowers, leaves, pinecones, holly berries, or anything else you can find around your garden. Be creative!
  • Carving knife and spoon


    1. First carve out the pumpkin like you would a jack-o-lantern, with the insides scooped out, and a large hole on top. For this arrangement, I chose a rounder, more shallow pumpkin, so as to create the largest hole in the top. I recommend doing this project outside, or spreading newspaper to avoid a mess with the clean-up. 


    2. Place a water-filled vase inside the pumpkin. You can also use a chunk of oasis, if you have it. I used a ceramic dish that fit perfectly inside the pumpkin, then used an oasis cube inside of the dish. Be sure to fill your vase with water.



    3. Arrange your flowers, leaves, and other found objects inside the vase. Fall is a great time of year to find truly beautiful foliage. There are still some plants blooming as well, such as dahlias, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, etc. Sometimes it's fun to add in baby corn, or a small gord or pumpkin in the mix if you have a space that needs to be filled. If you need a little more color in your arrangement, go to your local flower shop and pick up a small group of flowers to add to the gathered items.  




    4. Enjoy! When you have all your foliage and flowers arranged the way you like it, take a step back and marvel at your creation. 



      Now it's time to set the dinner table. All your guests will compliment your creativity, and your fall flower arrangement will be the talk of the party!




      • You can put this arrangement together up to 3 days before an event, as the pumpkin does not deteriorate very fast. 
      • To make things super easy, buy your flowers already arranged in a bouquet.


      Now you can put this fun project on your To-Do List for your next Fall event!