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Collection: Orienpet (O.T.) Lilies

The Orienpet or O.T. lilies are derived from crosses between Oriental and Trumpet/Aurelian lily types. The advantage in growing Orienpet Lilies (O.T.) is they are more tolerant of harsh growing conditions, compared to the normal Oriental Lily. Yet they retain the exotic appearance, size and fragrance of the Orientals. New and exciting color patterns have emerged from this hybridizing. Breeding is very involved and the Orienpets may be difficult to find in normal distribution lines, such as chain stores and garden centers. Popular selections from this lily group are Conca d'Or, Robina, Shocking, Eudoxia, and our exclusive "American series," all very worthy garden lilies.

You may see Orienpet Lilies marketed under the name Lily TreesĀ®. Somewhat of a misnomer, these tall-growing upright and very large stalks are actually herbaceous (not woody) and will die back at the end of each season. The word "tree" does indeed describe their height and girth! We offer much larger bulbs than most other vendors for much lower price. Lily TreeĀ® is registered trademark of Gurney's Seed and Nursery.
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