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Shipping and Returns

Bulb Guarantee 

We guarantee safe arrival of healthy bulbs, that varieties will be true-to-name and will grow if planted as instructed, subject to the limitations described below.


We maintain tight control over quality issues and are ready to replace or refund anything which meets with your disapproval. We outline here the conditions and procedures for submitting a claim. Some quality issues may be apparent upon delivery, in which case you should notify us promptly. Please include photos of the issue at hand so we may retain proof for our own records. We allow one growing season to report quality or identity issues. If the plant does not bloom the first year, you will be allowed an additional growing season to report discrepancies. Needless to say it’s always a wise idea to label your bulbs in the garden, in order to coherently report problems. Also, bear in mind we can’t be held responsible for loss of bulbs and plants which are not promptly planted, according to instructions furnished.

Unfortunately we are not in a position to extend the guarantee to environmental conditions or natural circumstances beyond our control, to improper planting, prolonged storage, or pest damage. We ask that you notify us promptly of any problem apparent upon arrival, so that we can replace if needed.



Any claim should be submitted in writing by August 31 of the first growing season. Please specify the following information in your claim:

  • Your name and address
  • Where did you purchase your bulbs? Online? Garden show? Farmer’s market? Catalog order?
  • Names and quantities of bulbs that failed to meet your expectations
  • Descriptions of the problem
  • Report the condition of bulbs which failed to come up. (You will need to physically dig and examine the planting site to see what because of the bulb. Did it dry up? Did it rot? Did it get eaten? Did the sprouts get snipped off at the point of emergence? These kinds of clues can help identify the true nature of the failure in order to assess responsibility and gain understanding on how to avoid later recurrence.

This information can provide valuable clues for you AND us, which may prevent the same problem from recurring. Substantiated claims will be eligible for replacement or refund, whichever is most practical.



Please understand that we disclaim responsibility for problems which are beyond our control, such as improper or delayed planting, unusual weather or environmental circumstances, animal damage, and mechanical injury. Many of these factors don’t lead to death of bulbs anyhow, but to delayed gratification the following season. Also particularily exempted from our guarantee are the following:

Lack of top growth on Martagon lilies. This is commonly encountered and somewhat normal for the first year. If nothing comes up the second year, we will take action.

Poor performance on bulbs grown indoors or in undersized pots (These are not recommended approaches).

Lack of flowering the first year. Many perennials don’t bloom the first year, especially Daylilies and Peonies. The chances are highly likely of first-year bloom for Lilies, but NOT guaranteed. This is a reality of perennial gardening and we would hope that the dedicated gardener would bear these uncertainties, rather than hold the supplier solely responsible.



The Guarantee is contingent upon immediate planting or potting of tree peonies. Also we must have your report within 6 months of purchase. If you do not see any growth of leaves for 6 months, we will provide replacement at the next available opportunity. Sorry we can't extend our guarantee to every growing problem encountered beyond the 6-month period, or for any problems reported after 6 months from purchase date. Tree peonies may take more than a year or two to bloom, so we don't make any promises when this will be. Our replacement guarantee does not cover shipping for tree peonies.



  • If you reconsider prior to running your credit card, we will not impose any charge on cancelled orders.
  • If we have already charged your account we will impose nominal restocking fees.
  • If you cancel after we ship, you have one week to return the shipment. You will be responsible for shipping costs in both directions, and for credit card fees.




We begin shipping our bulbs in early March and continue marketing until June. Many growers plant lily bulbs in the Fall; however, Spring planting is not a bad thing! Visit our Spring Shipping page to learn more about the benefits of Spring planting.



We base shipping charges on actual cost to us. It is not our intent to profit on shipping. Keep in mind, our Lily bulbs, generally speaking, are substantially larger and heavier than most commercial-sized bulbs (often twice the bulk), and cost relatively more to ship. Also please bear in mind that we don't "pad" our bulb prices, as most other shippers do, to cover cost of shipping.

NOTE: The U.S. Postal Service flat-rate Priority program gives us the best rates, which are largely independent of zone and weight, are not subject to fuel surcharges, and mainly depend on how much we can fit into the respective-sized boxes. If for some reason, you request UPS delivery, we will calculate the charges and bill you that amount, plus cost of box. We can promise you it WILL be quite a bit higher for UPS ground than for Postal Service Priority.