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Spring Shipping

We begin shipping our bulbs in late February and early March. One rumor circulating is that Spring sales of bulbs is not a good thing. However, from our experience as cut flower growers AND as gardeners, we can assure you that this is a very feasible and rewarding manner in which to obtain spectacular bloom at a time little else is happening, i.e, September and even October if you want to push your luck. In fact, we market bulbs into early June.

OUR POLICY IS FULL DISCLOSURE in marketing bulbs in the Spring. If the bulbs are a little sprouted, we discount them accordingly and point out the disadvantages of over-sprouted bulbs. We absolutely won’t sell anything that’s only fit for livestock fodder, and certainly never aim to deceive the customer.

For late planting of cooler-stored bulbs, we find these totally appropriate for gardening purposes, by observing a few simple growing tips, which we share with our customers at the point of sale. There is a chance of cutting short the growing cycle if planted very late, however this does not destroy the bulbs. It may put them a bit out of phase for a year, but patient gardeners will be rewarded in time with a perennial planting of lilies, no matter how late they are planted.

Consider how much money gardeners spend on their ANNUAL ornamentals for the late season, knowing full well they will never be seen again beyond that season. Compare this expense with the cost of a $5.00 or $6.00 lily, which has the potential to beautify your garden in 60 to 120 days, and the added benefit of returning in following years, with just a minimum of upkeep and patience. Even WITHOUT the added perennial benefit, this is not any worse an outcome than buying potted annuals every year for late-season beauty.

As always, our bulbs are guaranteed for the purchase price, if they do not perform as we describe. Certain performance disqualifiers are imposed in the case of drastically discounted bulbs.