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Collection: Species Lilies

Species lilies are wild lilies taken from nature. We offer selected strains of the species most easily "domesticated" and  most capable of naturalizing in your garden.  Some of the most nostalgia-evoking and elegant lilies of all times are species, such as the elusive "Tiger Lily" (Lilium tigrinum of lancifolium).  Other classic favorites are the Martagon lily, (Lilium martagon), the Rubrum lily (Lilium speciosum), and the Regal lily (Lilium regale)  Many of the lily species have the graceful pendant “turkscap” flower type and will lend a graceful, natural look to your garden space.

Sadly there has been an alarming disappearance of species lilies from commerce and from gardens everywhere, due to scarcity of sources and preoccupation with raising florist-quality lilies. Dedicated lily connoisseurs and collectors are helping perpetuate these "endanered" species lilies  by incorporating them into old-fashioned "English Garden" settings, native plantings and in woodland gardens.  Bulb sizes tend to be naturally small for most species, yet will perform well the first season from small bulbs.
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