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Collection: Daylilies

Daylilies are not actually lilies at all but are properly called Hemerocallis.  Instead of the vertical growth habit, daylilies are bushy herbaceous perennials producing a fountain of many grassy or iris-type leaves with flower stalks growing up separately from the center of the clump.  Daylilies do not grow from bulbs, but from fleshy roots. Size grades for daylily roots are measured in number of "fans" which are foliage sprouts.

Daylilies are among the most indestructible, fast  to establish, yet most showy, perennials you can choose for your garden.  We strive to provide some of the newer, better-blooming and less-weedy selections, which will prove to you that not all daylilies are orange or yellow, invasive, or boring.   You will find our daylilies  to be well-behaved, neat, tidy, heavy-blooming and, in a word, "gorgeous."  Some daylilies have ever-blooming tendencies, some daylilies have evergreen foliage, and some are even Fragrant.  Our prices can't be beat!

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