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About The Lily Pad's Bulbs

We are a family-owned and operated farm, based in Olympia, Washington for the past 33 years. We began our operation as cut flower growers and have expanded into bulb and root production for nation-wide distribution. To a lesser extent we are also importers of fine bulbs and plants, new or rare to the domestic market. We trial everything that we buy in order to determine its quality and garden-worthiness and provide insight and pertinent first-hand details to our customers. Part of our imported stock becomes planting stock for perpetuation of worthy varieties in our domestic fields. The majority of our bulbs are domestically produced, even those originating in Holland and the Orient. We do honor plant patent rights and buy directly from authorized growers when dealing with patent-protected varieties.


Why do business with us?

New and better varieties

Tired of chain-store and garden-center “same old” varieties? We specialize in items you can't find in stores. We are well-connected in the industry and stay alert to recent exciting developments, and new and improved characteristics.

Bigger bulbs

In most distribution channels (especially non-domestic) the really big bulbs are unobtainable because they are scarce to begin with, are used mainly for propagation purposes, and are too costly to ship to the customer.  On the other hand, we are dedicated to providing top-size bulbs, generally 18-20 cm for Oriental, Orienpet, and Trumpet lilies (take a look at our BULB-ZILLA™ product category, which provides an opportunity to obtain even bigger bulbs than routinely provided). Big bulbs produce more flowers their very first year, and of course will continue to grow larger in your garden every year. By doing business with us, you short-cut your waiting period and enjoy instant gratification in your garden. (Note: some types of bulbs are, by nature, small, and bloom well from small sizes). We will always specify bulb size and provide the largest size obtainable for those).

Quality and best value

Our bulbs come either directly from our fields, our growers' fields, breeders, or sources with whom we have established a long relationship of trust. We have our own system of post-harvest quality control to identify potential problems before they reach our customers.   Our bulbs are maintained under appropriate controlled-temperature and controlled humidity conditions.  Although we don't fall into the category of  "discounter", we do pride ourselves on best price for comparable varieties, quality, and size of bulbs.  


In an industry of mass marketing, where lack of accountability and impersonal treatment prevails, we stand behind our product. We maintain tight control over quality issues and are ready to replace or refund anything which meets with your disapproval. If the plant does not bloom the first year, you will be allowed an additional growing season to report discrepancies. Needless to say it’s always a wise idea to label your bulbs in the garden, in order to coherently report problems.


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