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Double Oriental Lilies

Lotus Elegance boasts luxuriant good looks of a care-free nature.
It features a fully double flower form with layers of ruffled, pink petals
outlined in icy white and accented with dark pink freckles. This lovely
flower is completely pollen-free, and is without fragrance, making this
an excellent flower for those with allergies. Flowers appear in mid to
late summer.


Waverider is a brand new double oriental lily that produces gorgeous,
show-stopping double blooms that easily reach up to 4 inches in diameter
with multiple blooms per stalk. Flowers have petals edged in pink with
white in the centerm and the blooms are borne on sturdy, short stalks
that reach about 30 inches. Its shorter stature make this lily perfect for
containers, pots, borders, or in front of taller lilies and other plants.
Waverider's blossoms are beautifully scented, and are completely pollen-
free, making them perfectly suited for flower arrangements and bouquets.